Chemical Resistant Belts


Details of Acid and Alkali resistant conveyor belt : 

Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt is suitable for the acid and alkali contact condition, eg phosphoric fertilizer, abstracts salt from sea water The covering layer rubber is the mixture of rubber and plastic and filled with acid resistant and alkali resistant inert materials, which is much better than LDR acid and alkali resistant conveyer belt. The framework material is EP canvas, is more reliable and more alkali resistant and the cotton canvas core belt. Generally it is made into dng shaped.


The performance of Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt is as the following table:


Break the intensity 



Break extension rate 



Wearing and tearing







before wearing out



after wearing out



The acid and alkali resistant of the Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt coveing layer is as the following table:




ClassificationImmersion solutionDensitySoaking condition Soak the rate of change of front and back performance
TemperatureXtimeVolume dxpansion rateChange rate of strength
A1HCL18%50°C×96h+10% Following-10% within
A2H2SO450%50°C×96h+10% Following-10% within
A3NaOH48%50°C×96h+10% Following-10% within




Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt APPLICATIONS  :

Acid,Alkali Resistance Conveyer Belt is used for acidic or alkali materials conveying in chemical plant, pulp, cement, chemical fertilizer industry.


Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt CHARACTERISTIES:

1.Prevent from acid or alkali        corrosion to conveyer belt;

2.Good bonding property, no layers separation;

3.Cotton, polyester-cotton, nylon etc. materials are used for the belt core.


Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt Major variety and oil resistance indicatrix:

Type of Acid or AlkaliConcentrationType of Acid or AlkaliConcentration
Hydrochloric Acid20%Carbonic AcidAny Concentration
Nitric Acid10%Sulfurous AcidAny Concentration
Sulfuric Acid20%Acetic AcidAny Concentration
Boric Acid40%Severe AcidAny Concentration
Phosphoric Acid40%Caustic PotashAny Concentration
Arsenic AcidAny Concentration

Belt Packing

1Package: Water proof cloth

2Loading port: Qingdao or according to customer's requirement

3Delivery Time: 3 -5 working days for samples

   10-13 days for each 20ft containers 

   13-15 days for each 40ft containers

Heat resistance 15 Mpa EP100 conveyor belt for loading conveyor system




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