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Product Description

Coal Mine Conveyor Belt Impact Roller widely used in the industry of coal mining, power plant, harbor, metallurgy, cement plant, asphalt manufacture, quarrying, concrete batching plant and etc for the  transportation of bulk materials. These steel tube conveyor rollers are manufactured from different materials such as carbon steel tubing or seamless steel tubing depending on the requirement and applications. The tube surface is painted or baked paint treatment, which protect the whole roller from corrossion.


we could produce the idlers in both Metric and Imperial CEMA standards or any other custom size.


1.The Excellent Dust-proof Conveyor Roller with Rubber Rings Parameters:

Steel idler  Diameter 

  89,102,108, 114,127,133,152,159

belt width


Stee Support material

 Steel metal angle iron

Steel Support degree


Steel Support Load Capacity

  less than 9000ton per hour

Steel Support Application

  Steel industry, harbor, coal industry, power industry, cement industry, etc

Steel Support Welding

  shot-blasting welding

Steel Support Painting

   electrostatic spraying painting

Steel Support Capacity

  700 tons per month



rubber conveyor roller rubber idler rollers rubber roller


2. The Conveyor impact rubber troughing roller features:

1)Steady running, reliable quality and reduce maintenance;

 2)Less movement longitudinally, rotating smoothly, extends the life span; 

 3)Various bearing housing and sealing structure are available for the customer's choice; 

 4)Multi pass labyrinthine sealing, preventing the mixed dirt and water immersed; 

 5)Manufacturing by steel pipe especially for of high precision roller, ensuring the strong load, low shaking and less noise. 


3.Conveyor impact rubber troughing roller Advantages:

1) Light and rigid frame construction

2) Sealing arrangement consist of a double seal

3)Additional water proofing neoprene contact lip seal

4) Low friction coefficient, waterproof, effective sealing system

5) High accurate steel pipes ensure the rollers with low vibration and noise

6) Multi-labyrinth seals achieve waterproof and dustproof

7)Adopting good bearing make sure the lifetime, stable running and good quality

8) Excellent lubricating property


Packaging & Shipping

 We do careful packaging to ensure the good condition and successful delivery of the conveyor roller idlers and conveyor pulleys.  We pack the rollers with  Steel support,Iron frame,plywood box,or as customers" requirement. we can offer excellent Packing Safety.


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