Trough Roller


Conveyor Steel Roller Standards:

GB10595-2008 / ISO90001/ CEMA/ DIN/ JIS

Product Name

Conveyor Steel Roller 


Carry steel roller 

Shell Material

 Q235B or Q345B steel 

Shell Thickness 


Shaft Diameter 





Grease retaining inner seal with Multi-stage Labyrinth


Grease is Lithium soap type grease with Rust Inhibitors.


CO2 gas shielded arc welding end

Conveyor Steel Roller Advantages:

1. Light and rigid frame construction
2. Sealing arrangement consist of a double seal
3. Additional water proofing neoprene contact lip seal
Low friction coefficient, waterproof, effective sealing system
4. High accurate steel pipes ensure the rollers with low vibration and noise
5. Multi-labyrinth seals achieve waterproof and dustproof
6. Adopting good bearing make sure the lifetime, stable running and good quality
7. Excellent lubricating property

Conveyor Steel Roller Quality Control:

We will in accordance with " reputation first, customer first" principle,

We have always insisted that every product reaches your hands have been tested three times.

Our service:

1. Provide professional conveyor solutions, especially technical consultation service,
2. Provide Installation, debugs, and provide complete technical training.
3. Guarantee: 12 months in common using condition (except damageable and artificial destruction)
4. Repair:
1) We provide technical guidance all life.
2) Within the guarantee period, we will offer spare parts free of charge

Our Revolutions:  Composite Material R

Composite material roller shell and bearing housing is made of polypropylene, Quartz sand, carbon black, graphite etc 16 kinds high hardness powders.It is thermoformed by patented technology.


Composite rollers working life is more than 50,000 hours. The warranty is 3 years. 

Super Qualiy, Factory Price !!

•Super wear resistant
•Maximize Bearing Life 
•Low friction coefficient 
•Low Noise Factor 


•Anti-material sticky
•Anti-corrosion ,anti-acid, alkali
•T.I.R ≤0.1mm (Total Indicated Run-out)

Composite Roller Projects :

Composite roller and Steel roller performance comparison:

Our packing: 

We do careful packaging to ensure the good condition and successful delivery of the conveyor roller idlers and conveyor pulleys. We can do cusotmer request, we can put customer logo, we can offer excellent Packing Safety.

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